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San Jose Road Club

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The picture accompanying this article shows three of the fastest and best known class A riders in California, representing three of the largest cycling clubs — Percy R. Mott, Acme Club Wheelmen; Dan T. Whitman (of Los Angeles), Olympic Club Wheelmen, and Floyd A. McFarland, San Jose Road Club. The picture gives the impression of an actual race - Mott's side glance at Whitman's wheel, the latter's determined look, and McFarland with that celebrated hump on his back.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Jose Road Club's Five-Mile Road Race To-Morrow. - HE IS AN ENTHUSIAST. - Henry Martin Now Rides a Bike for Pleasure. - San Francisco Call, 3 August 1895

Photo by Thors

P. R. Mott, Oakland, Cal., winner of the Class "A" races, Fabiola meet, May 11, 1895 rides a "March." Member of the Acme Wheelmen.

D. T. Whitman, Los Angeles, present holder Coast one-mile competition paced (2:09 4-5) and two-thirds mile unpaced, is a "March" rider and has been since his first attempt last season, when he won second place in the Santa Monica road race. Member of the Olympic Club, San Francisco.

F. A. McFarland, San Jose, Cal., the “Zimmy" of the Coast. The two-thirds mile and one-third mile world's records belong to him. His mount has of late been the speedy “March." Member of the San Jose Road Club.

The WASP - August 10, 1895

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