CYCLING NEWS AND COMMENT. - The San Francisco Examiner - 25 May 1895

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Entries and Handicaps for the Races of the Bay City Wheelmen on Decoration Day


The Racing Board's Bulletin - Camera Club Cyclists' Run - Byrne to Race in Portland - Racing at Santa Cruz.

As illustrating the scarcity of bicycles and their component parts, a local dealer recently returned from the East says that some of the large manufacturers have men at the factories where pedals, saddles and tires are made with orders to secure as many as possible.

It is estimated that the bicycle makers will lose $3,000,000 this year, owing to the reduction in the price of wheels at the beginning of the season.

It is obvious now that the reduction in price had no material effect in creating the enormous demand which has developed during the present season, and had the former prices been maintained the demand could not have been supplied. Already preparations are being made for next season, which gives evidence of being a greater one than even the present.

The demonstration in the Mission district on Wednesday evening showed plainly what proportions the pastime of cycling is assuming in this city, notwithstanding the many disadvantages under which it struggles in the matter of bad pavements, the hills and summer afternoon winds. The paving of Folsom street with bitumen will benefit a host of riders, but there is a greater desire to see Market street bituminized.

The meeting of the Bay City Wheelmen on May 30th at Central Park has secured a large entry, and spirited racing should result. The track has been thoroughly overhauled during the past week and additional training quarters have been built for the accommodation of competitors. The entries and hand caps are:

One-mile scratch, Class B - T. S. Hall. B. C. W.; G. A. Nissen, Acme; H. H. Dilges, B. C. W.; T. Delmas, G. C. C.; C. S. Wells, B. C. W.; R. Cushing, G. C. C.; C. N. Langton, B. C. W.; D. Marshall, B. C. W.; W. A. Burke, Acme; C. W. Castleman, Acme; R. L. Long, O. C. W.; W. L. Haley, O. C. W.; J. W. Harvey, C. C. C.; W. F. Foster, O. C. W.; H. C. Smith, G. C. C.; J. C. Smith, G. C. C.

Half-mile scratch, Class A - Bert Menne, B. C. W.; H. F. Terrill, B. C. W.; F. L. Day, B. C. W.; W. J. Rogers, Acme; R. Moody, G. C. C.; E. S. Battles, B. C. W.; J. J. Borrel, un.; S. B. Vincent, B. C. W.; A. Kanzer, B. C. W.; B. E. Clark, G. C. C.; P. Metcalf, I. C. C.; E. C. Barley, I. C. C.; C. M. Smith, G. C. C.; F. A. McFarland, S. J. R. C.; A. H. Agnew, Acme; W. B. Fawcett, O. C. W.; A. B. Pickard, Acme; O. L. Pickard, Acme; P. G. Alexander, C. C. C.; H. L. Day, B. C. W.; C. F. Lemmon, O. C. W.; W. H. Reid, C. C. C.; E. Languetin, B. C. W.; F. Sturven, C. C. C.; J. W. Edwards, O. C. W.; F. L. Hogue and O. B. Smith.

One-mile handicap. Class A - H. F. Terrill, B. C. W., scratch; E. Languetin, B. C. W., F. McFarland, S. J. R. C., B. Menne, B. C. W., R. Moody, G. C. C., and P. G. Alexander, 40 yards: J. W. Edwards, O. C. W., 60; W. B. Fawcett, O. C. W., C. F. Lemmon, O. C. W., and F. L. Day, B. C. W., 80; E. S. Battles, B. C. W., P. Metcalf, I. C. C., and C. M. Smith, G. C. C., 90; W. L. Thompson, B. C. W., 95; S. B. Vincent, B. C. W., A. J. Buzard, R. C. C., F. L. Hague, B. E. Clark, G. C. C., A. E. Magary, I. C. C., E. C. Barley, I. C. C., and A. L. Pickard, Acme, 100; O. B. Smith, 110; H. L. Day, B. C. W., and W. J. Rogers, Acme, 110; W. J. Howatt, I. C. C., B. M. Elford, Acme, A. Theison, C. C. C., A. B. Pickard, Acme, A. W. Kitchen, O. H. S., and A. L. Holling, I. C. C., 120; J. Jaegling, I. C. C., L. O. Wagner, U. C. W., C. Goodwin, S. F. R. C., and Thomas Wall, C. C. C., 125. A. Kanzer, B. C. W., William Klotz, C. C. C., J. S. Egan, I. C. C., W. L. Wilson, I. O. C., A. Smith, unattached, A. H. Agnew, Acme and George Brouillet, Acme, 130; C. F. Orra, A. H. S., 135; C. D. Gooch, Acme, and W. H. Reid, C. C. C., 140; F. Struven, C. C. C., and J. J. Boree, unattached, 150.

One mile handicap, Class B - W. F. Foster, O. C. W., W. A. Burke, Acme, C. M. Castleman, Acme, and C. S. Wells, B. C. W., scratch; R. L. Long, O. C. W., 50 yards; W. H. Haley, O. C. W., 60; G. A. Nissen, Acme, T. S. Hall, B. C. W., T. Delmas, G. C. C., and J. W. Harvey, C. C. C., 90; H. H. Dilges, B. C. W., and R. Cushing, G. C. C., 100; J. C. Smith, G. C. C., 100; H. C. Smith, 115; D. Marshall, 125, and C. N. Langton, 160.

Chairman R. M. Welch of the L. A. W. Racing Board has issued the following bulletin:


May 30th, J. G. Vidy, Eureka; June 1st, San Jose Road Club, San Jose: June 15th, Pilot Wheelmen, Santa Cruz; July 4th, Riverside Wheelmen, Riverside.

Charles Miller and Arthur Griffin of Los Angeles having satisfactorily answered inquiries regarding their Class A status, their suspension is terminated and they are restored to their privileges as Class A amateurs.

Godfrey Schmidt of Los Angeles, having failed to answer inquiries as to his Class A status, is transferred to Class B.

H. L. Williams of Santa Paula, having made pace for Class B men in public at Santa Barbara, May 15, 1895, is transferred to Class B.

Horace Slater of Los Angeles is suspended from all Class A races, pending investigation.


Frank Byrne of San Francisco to ride at Portland, Or., May 30, 1895.

Melville Dozier, University of California, to ride at the intercollegiate contests of the Eastern universities.

A bicycle was recently stolen from a local dealer, and was found in the possession of a pawnbroker who had loaned $15 on it and spent $5 for repairs. Suit was brought on the refusal of the pawnbroker to deliver it, and Justice Cook rendered a decision against the latter and ordered the return of the wheel to its owner.

The San Jose Road Club has arranged an excellent programme of races for Saturday, June 1st. They consist of one-mile novice, one-mile scratch and one-mile handicap class A and two-mile handicap class B.

C. H. Murgotten of San Jose is in town. Frank M. Byrne has gone to Portland on a racing pilgrimage, and has signified his intention of riding only under the colors of the Imperial Cycling Club.

Edwin Mohrig and George Albert Morrill leave here early in June for a two weeks' tour south through Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties. They have fitted their wheels with camera attachments and will carry considerable other baggage.

J. E. Alexander of San Jose starts on a tour to the Yosemite the latter part of this month.

Walter F. Foster of the Olympic Club Wheelmen is expected back from the south to-day. He was injured severely by his fall at the Fabiola Fete races and may not be able to race again this year. Allan N. Jones, who was also injured recently at Los Angeles, is expected home within a few days with Richard Aylward, his manager.

L. Bearwald, Secretary of the Crescent Road Club, wishes to contradict the statements given to the press last week to the effect that the club had gone out of existence. The club has not disbanded, but on the contrary is in a prosperous condition and acquiring many new members.

Captain J. J. B. Argenti has sent the following notice to the members of the Camera Club cyclists:

"The first 'off-Sunday' run of the Camera Club cyclists is hereby called for Sunday, May 26, 1895, to Tocaloma and return via Sausalito ferry.

"The road from San Anselmo to San Geronimo is in good condition excepting White's hill. The road from San Geronimo to Tocaloma is rolling in character, and at present in good condition. Distance from San Anselmo to Tocaloma is sixteen miles each way; the distance from San Geronimo to Tocaloma is eight miles.

"Members not desiring to make the entire run can take train to San Geronimo and there await main body.

"Take 8 A. M. boat (Sausalito ferry) and purchase tickets to San Anselmo (or San Geronimo if desired). Fare to San Anselmo, round trip, is 50 cents. Lunch at Tocaloma.

"All members of the Annex and their friends are requested to attend this initial off-Sunday' run.”

This follows the cyclists' route illustrated in to-day's EXAMINER to San Geronimo and then branches off to the right.

The race meet of the Pilot Wheelmen at Santa Cruz June 15th, during the water carnival, is attracting the attention of the racing men and a large party is being made up to attend it. The riders will go down on Saturday morning, attend the races in the afternoon and remain over Sunday for the other festivities.

The picnic of the Liberty Cycling Club takes place to-morrow and the banner presented by N. A. Robinson will be shown for the first time. The recent century run having proved so successful, Captain Meyer has called another for June 2d. A large delegation of the members will attend the bicycle races at the Santa Cruz water carnival.

The Olympic Club Wheelmen have a run to San Mateo to-morrow to witness the attempt of J. E. Edwards of their club to break the world's record for five miles, paced by tandems, on the road. On June 2d the club will conduct another of its training spins, which have been found a success in developing racing men.