HIS RACING CAREER - Walter Foster Gets Favorable Mention. - Alameda Daily Argus, 19 Oct 1895

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Walter Foster Gets Favorable Mention.

He Has Long Been Pre-eminent in the Cycle Circles - A Paper's Comments on Him.

Walter F. Foster, who has been making some new records at Napa, receives a column of very favorable mention in to-day's Examiner. The article is accompanied by two portraits of the young record-breaker. The article says in part:

"The man of the year in California cycling racing has unquestionably been Walter F. Foster of the Olympic Club Wheelmen.

"Foster began his racing career in a modest way, winning both the time and first prize in a meet of the Alameda Bicycle Club around the triangle at San Leandro, about eight miles, in the spring of 1891. There were no spectators present, no announcement having been made of the contest, the members riding down quietly in the early morning, and the majority of them being contestants. This race proved so satisfactory that, on May 30th, the club promoted an open twenty-five-mile race, which Foster won, Frank Waller, the long-distance champion, securing the time prize in 1:24:57.

See also The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 01 Jun 1891

When the first modern track on the Coast was built at Alameda Foster settled down to steady training, and was uniformly successful, since which time he has been a consistent winner.

No one man has been pre-eminent in cycle racing here as long as Foster. Going down the line of Coast champions, we find Woodman, Eggers, Finkler, Cook, Elwell, Adcock, Davis, Fonda, Shockley, D. L. Burke, Ives, Edwards and Ziegler as men who have held championship honors for a length of time, vary from a day to a couple of years; but the cares of the busy world have interfered and the champion becomes the ex-champion even while yet in his prime.

Foster's riding has always been distinguished for the desperate chances he takes and the indomitable courage be displays in competition, having won many races purely on his pluck, coming again when he was all but beaten, and finishing ahead of possibly faster riders, but ones lacking in gameness.

"Foster was born in Vallejo, is twenty-four years of age, stand 5 feet 10 inches in height and weighs 155 pounds."