THE CYCLERS. - San Jose Mercury-news, 19 June 1892

From Wooljersey



Prospect for the San Jose Track — A Lantern Parade to Take Place Wednesday Night.

It has been finally settled that most of the racers of the Garden City Cyclers will race at Alameda on July 4th, while at Stockton it is very doubtful if they will have a single representative.

All of the best racers in the State have entered for the races at Alameda, and it is there where the best men are congregated that the Garden City Cyclers prefer to win their laurels. Of course our riders could enter at Stockton and carry everything before them, but what honor or glory would there be in it? At Alameda the boys will have to ride their best to win, and as the track is the very best in the State, and the prizes and championships have been satisfactorily arranged, it will be readily seen that such a condition of affairs will call forth the best racing talent.

President Ives and Secretary Williams of the Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club held a conference with the racing team of the Garden City Cyclers at the club rooms Thursday night. They stated that they had received entries from all the racers, with one exception, of Sacramento; all from Oakland, a few from San Francisco and all from San Jose. Those from Sacramento are probably Upton, Wells and Morrell: Oakland, Lund, Wallar, Bell, Bontton, Fanlkner, Maxwell, Neece and Pickard; San Francisco, Alcayaga and probably two or three novices; Alameda, Foster and Ives, and last but not least, San Jose, Geo Olsen, Edwards, Alexander, Delmas, Needham, Lipsett, Desimone, Henry Smith, Julius Smith, Davis, Munn, Tarleton, Oscar Olsen and Berry. "Only a few of us left." On September 9th the public of San Jose will have the opportunity to witness races in which the above talent will be entered. The outside racers are already beginning to look forward to the San Jose meet as the best of the season. They all know the reputation the San Jose wheelmen have for entertaining and know that with a good track this can be made the most successful meet ever held in the State. As for a track that is an assured fact, provided the business men of the city stand by the boys. The track was surveyed and staked out during the past week and further progress awaits the success of the Subscription Committee. Undoubtedly there will be a large crowd here on September 9th. Take for instance the races on May 30th, at Alameda. There were about seventy-five persons from San Jose attended.

In San Francisco there are about five hundred wheelmen, members of the different clubs there; Oakland has about two hundred members of different clubs, Alameda has about two hundred and fifty club members, Sacramento has about fifty, Stockton about eighty and Santa Cruz about thirty. We could safely count on one-half of the members of the above cities, and in all probabilities many more that would attend the races here. Roughly figuring we count on having almost one thousand wheelmen here on September 9th, providing the Garden City Cyclers are successful in obtaining a good track.

Last Sunday several of the Garden City Cyclers wheeled over to Santa Cruz. The party consisted of J. B. Lamkin, Will Needham, C. L. Davis, George Morrill, Joseph Delmas and Al Barker. Morrill and Barker returned by train, while the rest made the return trip on their wheels. The league century run, which was to have come off to-day, has been postponed indefinitely. The Railroad Company would not send a special train to Hollister unless it received pay in advance and this the League refused to do.

The Garden City Cyclers will hold a run to Alviso to-day. Their wheels are to be left at Alviso, and the whole party take to the water - in boats. A fine time is anticipated, as several yachts have been chartered and general preparations for an all-day outing on the bay have been made.

Next Wednesday night the Garden City Cyclers will hold a lantern parade. It is intended to make this the finest parade ever held in this State, and by the way the preparations are being made, it is quite evident that it will be a very successful affair. First and second prizes have been offered for the best decorated wheels, and, as a consequence, a great number of fine displays will be seen in line. The San Jose Road Club has been invited to participate, also all unattached wheelmen in San Jose. No wheel will be allowed in line unless it is decorated. The parade will start from the club rooms of the Garden City Cyclers at 8:30 over the following line of march: Second street to St. John to First; to Julian; to Third: to Santa Clara; to Market; to City Hall Square: around Square to Santa Clara street; to First to Reed; to Second; to G. C. C. Club Rooms.

On next Friday night the Garden City Cyclers will entertain their lady friends, A fine programme is being prepared, and a very enjoyable time is anticipated.

San Jose Mercury-news, Volume XLI, Number 171, 19 June 1892