The Wheel. - San Francisco Chronicle, 23 May 1887

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The Wheel.

[Official Organ L A. W.]

California Division L. A. W. San Francisco Chronicle Mon May 30 1887 .jpeg

CHIEF consul, Robert M. Welch; representatives, John W. Gibson, J. D. Arkison, R. C. Woodworth, C. C. Moore; secretary and treasurer, N. A. Robinson.

S. F. Booth Jr. of San Francisco, has been appointed the additional representative to which the division is entitled.

The following are the newly-appointed standing-committees of the division for the year 1887-88: Finance - R. M. Welch and N. A. Robinson ex-officio, and B. S. Patrick, all of San Francisco; Rights and Privileges - George H. Strong (chairman) Oakland, Harrison Houseworth and S. F. Booth, Jr., San Francisco: Racing Board - H. C. Finkler (chairman) San Francisco, R. C. Woodworth Los Angeles, A. S. Ireland, Jr., Oakland: Touring Board - J. W. Gibson (chairman and bookmaster) San Francisco, D. L. Thornton San Jose, Beverly Fletcher (tourmaster) San Francisco.

Satisfactory arrangements have been made with the railroads for transporting wheels to Santa Cruz during the league meet. By the middle of this week a circular will be in the hands of every league member in the State giving fun information as to the cost of transportation and accommodations, together with a synopsis of the proposed festivities. The official programme, more in detail, will be issued about the middle of June. It is intended to make it sufficiently elaborate to serve as souvenir of the occasion.

The sub-committee on races has recommended the following programme for the race meeting at Santa Cruz: One mile, novice; one mile, League of American Wheelmen, State championship; ten-mile, League of American Wheelmen, State championship: two-mile, League of American Wheelmen, National championship: half-mile dash; one-mile handicap; three-mile handicap: five-mile handicap: 100-yard slow race and a competitive exhibition of fancy riding. The location of the State championships have yet to be approved by the racing board. The two-mile national has not yet been assigned to this division, but it has been asked for, and it is not likely that it will be refused.

The chief consul and Captain Houseworth, secretary of the Committee of Arrangement for the meet, went to Santa Cruz yesterday to consult with Consul Radke, the local member of the committee.

Touring is still the rage and many of the best-known riders are away in the country. As far as we can keep track of them, Booth, Robinson and Cox are in Lake county, Mohrig somewhere down south and Dr. Humphrey about Vacaville. Ireland and his party are about due from the Yosemite.

The Bay City Wheelmen rode yesterday to Haywards.

Thomas S. Cobden of the San Francisco Bicycle Club took a trip on his wheel to San Jose on Friday, returning Saturday afternoon. He reports the roads in splendid condition.

Charles A. Biederman, ex-representative of the California division, while out on the San Leandro road last Thursday night, training for the Decoration Day races, was thrown from his wheel and robbed by two unknown men. His many friends, who have expressed their desire to see him race, will be glad to know that he is rapidly recovering from a bruised knee, wrist and a bad scare.

The Oakland Ramblers intend inaugurating a series of club road-races, also offering medals for long-distance rides.

H. C. Finkler of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, who brought Woodworth's racer from Los Angeles, is getting in some hard work. It is claimed that he has developed quite a burst of speed, and that he has crawled within the charmed circle.

Booth, Cox and Robinson leave to-day for an extended tour up north. The northern riding district seems to be quite a favorite route, no less than four different parties having traversed that section this month.

C. A. B. - Will be happy to hear from you every week.

On Sunday, May 15th, H. Maxwell and William Miller of Oakland, with H. W. Melendy of San Francisco, made the run to San Jose and return in eleven hours and fifty-three minutes, starting from Mission and Twenty-fourth streets at 5:20 A. M. and returning to the same point at 5:13 P. M. Distance, round trip, is 104 miles.

Captain Meeker, Lieutenant James, Standard Bearer Browning and High Private Bauer of the Bay City Wheelmen returned from a tour through Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties last Sunday. They report very bad roads from Point Reyes to Duncan's Mills. Their line of travel was from Saucelito to Ingrams, to Santa Rosa, to Cloverdale, to Calistoga, to Napa, to Sonoma - the total distance ridden being about 300 miles. They reported several battles with wild bulls. In such cases the officers climbed over the fence, while the H. P. valiantly charged the bovine.

Turner, Adcock, Smyth, James and Booth are reducing themselves every night at the clubrooms of the Bay City Wheelmen for the coming races in May.

The entries for the bicycle events of the joint field day on Decoration Day, May 30th, closed on Saturday night at the rooms of the San Francisco Bicycle Club, and are as follows:

One-mile maiden - Fred Hood, J. Henderson, B. H. Patrick, Charles B. Wheaton.

Two-mile handicap - Alexander Ireland, J. Henderson, B. H. Patrick.

One-quarter-mile dash - H. C. Finkler, Alexander Ireland.

One mile scratch race - H. C. Finkler, H. W. Melendy, C. E. Adcock.

One mile tricycle race - C. A. Biederman, W. G. Davis.

Five-mile L. A. W. State championship race - C. A. Biederman, H. C. Finkler, C. E. Adcock, J. Henderson.

With this list of entries the affair promises to be very evenly contested.

The most promising contests will likely be the mile scratch race and the five-mile League of American Wheelmen State championship. The records will probably be lowered; at any rate, a good attempt will be made thereat. The arrangements are now fully completed and programmes will be out from the printer by the latter part of the week. The tickets for the event have been distributed among the wheelmen and the members of the Olympic Club. Good work should be done in the sale of tickets during the week, as this is the last preceding the event.

The General Committee of Arrangements for the league meet at Santa Cruz on July 4th, and were represented Saturday at Santa Cruz by Chief Consul Welch and Harrison Houseworth, secretary of the General Committee, who went down on the morning train, and Messrs. Mohrig and Consul E. N. Radke. Very satisfactory arrangements were made with the proprietors of the Pacific Ocean House for feeding the wheelmen who will attend the annual meet of the league July 2d, 3d and 4th.

The programme for the hop to take place Saturday evening, July 2d, was laid out, and the programmes and invitations were ordered printed. The committee proceeded, alter discussing the hop arrangements, to visit the race-track, to look after its condition. The preparation of the track will begin at an early date that it may be in the best possible condition. The matter of tours and runs was discussed but not fully decided upon. The secretary, Mr. Houseworth, will issue a circular by the middle of the week to be forwarded to all league members and wheelmen throughout the State embracing the plan of festivities to be carried out at the meet. It is hoped and urged that all wheelmen will make an effort to attend the meet and make it an overwhelming success.