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San Francisco, CA


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The Californias had a long discussion on club colors and adopted for racing colors orange and olive green.

CYCLING UP TO DATE. - Two Local Riders Make the First Century of the Year. - The San Francisco Examiner, 30 Jan 1895


The Wheelmen.

The roads are quite dusty across the bay and the running is more pleasant in the morning than later in the day, when the sea breezes come up. A meeting of some fourteen riders was held Saturday evening at the residence of L Larzelere, 415 Bryant street, and resulted in the organization of a new club, to be styled the California Cycling Club. The club is organized for the purpose of country touring, and the membership is limited to twenty. A meeting will be held on the 20th to perfect organization.

The Wheelmen. organization of the California Cycling Club, purpose is country touring - San Francisco Chronicle, 18 Aug 1885

The San Francisco Bicycle Club recently proposed consolidation with the California Cycling Club, and the plan has been carried out. The combined organization is known as the San Francisco Bicycle Club, and it elected officers last week for the ensuing year. The following are the names of the successful candidates: President, Columbus Waterhouse; Secretary and Treasurer, George J. Hove; Captain, Harry L. Miller: First Lieutenant, Charles A. McDonald: Second-Lieutenant, Harrison Houseworth; Bugler, John W. Gibson. The members are confident that the future of the club will be even more brilliant than its past.

The Wheel. consolidation of California Cycling Club into San Francisco Bicycle Club - San Francisco Chronicle, 26 Jan 1886

Last Thursday evening a number of gentlemen living at the Mission and interested in cycling met for the purpose of organizing a club. H. P. [H. F.] Wynne acted as temporary chairman and T. C. Connell as temporary secretary. The title of the organization will be California Cycling Club, and the rooms at the corner of Twenty-second and Folsom streets, formerly occupied by the Kensington Club, have been secured as a clubhouse, where the next meeting will be held on Thursday at 8 P. M.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. - Growth of the Alameda Bicycle and Athletic Club. - The San Francisco Call, 23 May 1892

The California Cycling Club made its first run yesterday, going to Haywards. The affair was successful in every particular. Those who participated were: Captain H. F. Wynne, First Lieutenant C. A. Hessler, F. N. Bent, E. A. Forster, E H. Hessler, T. C. Connell, L. F. Fenn, H. Stewart, J. A. Dawson, C. H. Lamb, J. A. Boyter, T. F. Creighton, J. S. Sullivan, R. R. McPherson, G. A. Hueter, Columbia Kenny, E. Harris, A. de Smet, J. N. Mc Veigh, Ray Creighton.

CHAT ABOUT THE CYCLE. Preparations for the Fourth of July Races. - The San Francisco Call, 20 Jun 1892

The California Cycling Club announces that Messrs. Harvey, Theison and Reid will ride under the colors of the C. C. C. in all racing events in which they may take part, other reports to the contrary notwithstanding. Messrs. Harvey and Reid are new members of the Imperial Cycling Club, but have no intention of working or riding against their clubmates in the California C. C.


Among the new racing men in the California Cycling Club who have signified their willingness to train for the relay race are Bellman, Casserly, Heineman, Pattiosen, Birdsell, Erbe, Kilby, Boyd, Boyle, Prentiss, Friedlander, Thomas, Creigh, Lovie, Wentworth, Argenti, Aller, Sternberg and Reid. None of these riders took part in last year's relay, and all are mounted now on light wheels. In this list is some very promising talent, notably Tom Casserly, Ernest Erbe and F. C. Heineman. Erbe has ridden in Germany before coming to America and is one of the best road riders in this country. Heineman holds the State championship of the Y. M. C. A., beating such Class A men as C. C. Gilbert, Charley Common and Edwards of Los Angeles. Casserly is a new rider, but an all-around athlete and teacher of boxing in the C. C. C. Argenti is not ambitious for racing glory, but for years has been a pedestrian of some note and can ride fast if he desires, too.


At last Monday evening's meeting of the California Cycling Club it was decided to old the next ladies' night on February 24, and the committee in charge is Messrs. Larry Mayo, H. A. Feidlander, W. H. Westerfall, Alam Karl and Ed Wilburg.

CYCLING NEWS AND COMMENTS. - Champion Ziegler's Teammates, Harbottle and Coulter, and Their Record as Racing Men. - The Czar of Russia as a Cycler. - The San Francisco Examiner, 12 Jan 1895

The California Cycling Club elected two members at their meeting Monday night, thus leaving but twelve vacancies to complete the limit of their membership. Several applications were also received. Messrs. Christ, Earl and Scovern of the Olympic Club Wheelmen were present and made short speeches. The Californias had a long discussion on club colors and adopted for racing colors orange and olive green.

CYCLING UP TO DATE. - Two Local Riders Make the First Century of the Year. - The San Francisco Examiner, 30 Jan 1895

Mrs. Addie Wynne, the Captain of the Alpha Club, is the wife of Henry F. Wynne, Secretary of the California Cycling Club and President of California Associated Cycling Clubs. She is an enthusiastic wheel-woman and has accompanied her husband on many long trips into the country.

ALL HAVE TO WEAR BLOOMERS. - A Woman Cycling Club Formed in This City Which Has Adopted the Garment - EVERY MEMBER MUST WEAR 'EM - Sun, Jul 21, 1895 – 18 · The San Francisco Examiner

Cycling Club Holds Meeting

Eighteen of the original four hundred members of the California Cycling Club held their annual dinner last week.

Sergt. Charles J. Birdsall, who entered the San Francisco Police Department forty-one years ago as a speed cycle policeman, acted as sergeant-at-arms. Birdsall's first beat was the Golden Gate panhandle to Ocean Beach.

The following members attended and can still cycle without any "A, B or C cards" and enjoy a run through Golden Gate Park once a month:

Robert A. Coulter, George Ohimus, Eddie L. Egelberg, Harry Mayo, Charles H. Brady, Charles J. Birdsall, Hugo Buttgenback, William H. Reid, Fred Hansen, Fred Striven, Albert Strei, Thomas H. White, A. McAdam, Albert Alcayaga, James Wall, Fred S. Nason and George Burnett.

The California Cycling Club was organized in the summer of 1890 with their headquarters at Twenty-second and Folsom Sts.

Cycling Club Holds Meeting - San Francisco Examiner - May 25, 1943

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