Edwin Eggleston Stoddard

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Edwin Eggleston STODDARD
BIRTH 15 APR 1865 • Litchfield, Hillsdale, Michigan
DEATH 25 JUL 1935 • San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA




Bay City Wheelmen

E. E. Stoddard, Bay City Wheelmen, and friend wheeled away to San Leandro yesterday.

THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, 27 Apr 1891

E. E. Stoddard of the Bay City Wheelmen, who raced at Stockton July 4th, will open a cycling establishment in Oakland as a branch of E. Mobig's of this city.. Stoddard is a rustler as well as a No. 1 fellow, and is bound to make a go of it in the city across the bay.

The Wheelmen. - San Francisco Chronicle, 03 Aug 1891

Edwin E. Stoddard of the Bay City Wheelmen is about to go East and go on the road for a wholesale house, severing his connections on the Coast. Stoddard is a well known and popular wheelman, and his leaving will be a distinct loss to the sport. He was something of a racer in his day and at one time held the coast ten-mile road record over the San Leandro triangle, time 30 min. 15 sec., but for the past year or so he has not been on the path or road, devoting all his energies to his business. His friends wish him success in his new undertaking.

THE WHEEL. - The San Francisco Call, 23 Sep 1894

E. C. Stoddard, one of the Bay City Wheelmen's oldest members, is now on his way to the Coast from the East.

WITH THE WHEELMEN. - San Francisco Chronicle, 08 Dec 1894

E. E. Stoddard of the Bay City Wheelmen returned from Los Angeles early last week and will leave for Portland in a few days. He is traveling for the Western Wheel Works. Chicago.

THE WHEEL. - The San Francisco Call, 23 Dec 1894

E. E. Stoddard of the Bay City Wheelmen

Pictures of two very prominent and popular cyclists are this week produced, George P. Wetmore and Edwin E. Stoddard. Mr. Wetmore has been associated with cycling since 1889, and has taken an active interest in its development. He is full of good ideas, has opinions of his own which he is not afraid to express, and is looked upon as an authority in all matters pertaining to the sport. He is noted as the most accurate timer of a race in California. Mr. Stoddard is now engaged in the cycle trade, representing a large Eastern house. He was at one time quite prominent as a racer here and held several coast records, both on the track and the road. He is popular with every one, and can talk bicycling from any standpoint. THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 27 Apr 1895

Edwin E. Stoddard, of the Bay City Wheelmen, who travels for the Cleveland people, started on a trip last night which will last about a year and will carry him pretty nearly all over the Americas. He left here for Mexico and will then journey through the Central American countries, down the west coast of South America, visiting Ecuador, Chile, Peru and other places, then up the east side, stopping at the three Guianas, Argentine Republic and Brazil, and by the time he reaches North America again he will probably be more fluent in Spanish than in English. Stoddard jokingly remarked as he left the Bay City clubhouse for the last time yesterday that he might find some crack rider down in Patagonia who would be eligible for the Bay City's 1897 relay team, and if so he would try and induce him to come north.

THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 18 Jul 1896

Edwin E. Stoddard of the Bay City Wheelmen will leave this morning by steamer for Central America on business, From there he will go to South America, and will be absent about half a year.

E. E. ("Pinkie") Stoddard of the Bay city Wheelmen left for Los Angeles Sunday night and will be gone a month.

AMONG THE WHEELMEN. - The San Francisco Call, 17 Jan 1899

The many friends of the well-known timer, Edwin E. Stoddard, will be pleased to learn of his recent good fortune, he having just been appointed exclusive Pacific Coast agent for the Victor line.

CYCLERS WILL RACE AT THE GARDEN CITY - The San Francisco Call - March 04, 1899


California, U.S., Prison and Correctional Records, 1851-1950 for Edwin E Stoddard

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