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See also California Camera Club.


San Francisco, CA




Outing Trips on Land and Sea to Take Place This Week.


A Record of Happenings In Local Amateur Photographic Circles.

There is an awakening in local amateur photographic circles foreshadowing the lively interest which will be taken in photographic art this coming summer. At a meeting called for the purpose on April 18 there was organized a cycling annex to the California Camera Club, to be known as the Camera Club Cyclists. Membership will be confined to the active, associate and subscribing members of the California Camera Club.

The first meeting of the new organization will be held at the clubrooms, Thursday evening, May 2. The initial "run" of the club is called for next Sunday, the 28th inst., to Haywards from Fruitvale. Among those who have caught the prevailing cycling craze are many lady photographers. For the benefit of these it is considerately announced that "a slow pace will be set and maintained throughout the entire run." Lunch will be partaken of at Haywards. The suggestion is made that only hand cameras be used on this, the first outing of the club cyclists. The arrangements for the excursion are in the hands of J. J. B. Argenti, captain; W. E. Goodrum, rim lieutenant, and Harry B. Hosmer, second lieutenant.

Camera Club Cyclists organized 24 Apr 1895, Wed The San Francisco Call

During the last week the members of the California Camera Club have had three outings, one to Golden Gate Park, another to Haywards and a third on the bay in the steamer Caroline. A bicycle annex has recently been organized in the club and has struck popular favor. Over thirty members have joined it and have outlined some ambitious plans for the summer. Every outing of the annex is to be recorded photographically. An official photographer is to be appointed and specially commissioned to prepare an album of scenes and groups "snapped" on the way.

Both ladies and gentlemen are members of the bicycle annex, and all carry their cameras on the different runs. At the outing to Haywards last Sunday some exceptionally good pictures were secured. Miss Faucompre obtained one of the best series of pictures at Zeile's and Haywards. The wheel figures prominently in them all. During the trip the ladies of the party were caught in a group while crossing the street at Haywards. The result was a liberal education in bloomers. J. J. B. Argenti was one of the most successful of the party, obtaining several splendid pictures at Fruitvale, San Leandro and Haywards.


The active members of the California Club are now very much interested in cycling. They have organized what they call the California Camera Club Cyclists, and use the wheel as an interesting adjunct to their leading pastime of photography. The following active members of the Camera Club have joined the cycling annex, and each is the possessor of a wheel; Charles A. Adams, J. J. B. Argenti, B. D. Bent, H. A. Boese, H. C. Cantwell, C. F. Cormack, C. S. Close, Mrs. H. C. Cantwell, Mrs. H. H. Douglas, Miss M. E. Faucompre, N. H. Neustadter, H. C. Owens, J. Schlosser, Dr. J. F. Twist, W. E. Goodrum, H. T. Henning, H. B. Hosmer, Miss Belle Jacobs, George H. Kahn, L. Locke, Mrs. A. L Lengfeld, A. G. McFarland, Mrs. A. G. McFarland, C. F. Mead, F. H. McConnell, Miss A. M. Morris, Mrs. W. B. Webster, L. D. Radgesky and W. B. Maxwell.

The following officers of the annex have been elected: President, Charles A. Adams; vice-president, Mrs. A. G. McFarland; secretary, C. F. Cormack; treasurer, H. C. Cantwell; captain, J. J. B. Argenti; first lieutenant, W. E. Goodrum; second lieutenant, H. B. Hosmer. The Camera Cyclists have had several interesting "runs" carefully and elaborately recorded in "snap shots" and more thoroughly planned pictures. Every run is made the chance for new pictures, and more of them than it was possible to get on the old-time outings.

The next run will be to Tocaloma tomorrow. The wheelmen and wheel women will leave the city on the 8 o'clock boat in the morning. The way is by Sausalito to San Anselmo, where the road to San Geronimo will be taken. It is in good condition and an excellent ride is promised. From San Geronimo to Tocaloma the country is rolling in character, but the road could not be better. Lunch will be served at Tocaloma. Friends of the annex are invited and a pleasant trip is promised.

CAMERA AND WHEEL - San Francisco Chronicle, 25 May 1895

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