EASTERN CRACKS COMING. - San Francisco Chronicle - October 30, 1895

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The Bicycle Track Association Discusses the Quarter-Mile Proposition.

The San Francisco Bicycle Track Association held a meeting last night at the clubhouse of the Bay City Wheelmen, with the following delegates present: President Kerrigan, Elliott, Watters, B. C. W.; Stratton and Mullin, O. C. W.; Douglass, I. C. C.; Wynne and Burke, C. C. C.; Simms, S. F. Y. M. C. A.

A number of track propositions were discussed and laid over until the next meeting, which will be called upon the completion of certain plans of a quarter- mile track to be built in this city within the near future.

It was decided to extend an invitation to all the club members of the California Associated Cycling Clubs to send delegates to the association to confer upon track matters.

A meeting of the alliance of clubs which are to handle the national circuit meet on November 16th was held yesterday and all arrangements practically completed toward starting matters on foot. The only thing now in the way is securing the track, but negotiations are about closed for the Oakland Driving Park. The clubs that are to manage this event are the Bay City Wheelmen, Olympic Cyclers and Acme Club Wheelmen. The noted Eastern cracks will arrive this morning on the 9:45 o'clock overland, coming through direct from Ogden, at which place they raced Monday. The party consists of Bald, McDonald, Murphy, Cooper, Wells, Terrill, Rigby, Kiser, Windle, Spooner and Young. They will be met at Port Costa by Messrs. Kerrigan, Plummer, Vincent, Sheldon, Knippenberg, Rhys, Smith, Spaulding and Ravlin. Saturday night the Bay City Wheelmen will give a club smoker and reception to the visitors, and Sunday they will be escorted through the Park by Captain Plummer and the Bay City Wheelmen.

The prospects now are that Cabanne and Titus will not be able to appear at the San Jose meet, and possibly not at all on the California Circuit. Owing to their suspension over the recent St. Louis troubles they have been compelled to remain in the East, and until that is settled they will have to abandon their Western trip. This will be a misfortune to California, as Titus was to have ridden for the hour record at San Jose.

Captain Thornton of the Olympic Club Wheelmen and Captain Carey of the Garden City Cyclers will shortly arrange a joint run of the two clubs to Woodside, a few miles back of Redwood City. A barbecue will be the main attraction at the destination.

George Nissen of the Acme Club Wheelmen has decided to abandon the ten-mile attempt for next Sunday, and will exert his energies toward securing the much coveted five-mile world's record of 11:13. The trial will be made Sunday afternoon over the San Mateo-San Carlos course. Nissen having accepted the "Chronicles's" suggestion and investigated the superior condition of this course. Ives and Hurley of the Alameda Cyclers will do the pacing.