CYCLING NEWS AND COMMENT. - The San Francisco Examiner - 01 Jun 1895

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The Entries and Handicaps for the Races of the San Jose Road Club


Another Century Run - Activity of the Camera Club - California Associated Cycling Club's Meeting - Joint Run.

The high wind on Decoration Day had a depressing effect on the racing at Central Park, as it prevented fast time, which always arouses enthusiasm on the part of the spectators. The wind on the backstretch was so severe as to nearly stop some of the weaker riders, one of them aptly saying that "it seemed like riding up a bank of sand.”

The Mission now has one ladies' club, with another in process of formation. Through the courtesy of the California Cycling Club the ladies will for the present hold their meetings in their rooms. It is the intention to arrange runs for the mornings and Saturdays, and as some of the members are strong riders they will be found far a-field on occasions.

The California Cycling Club is arranging a road race from San Mateo to San Carlos, a distance of five miles, on June 28d. The club has recently organized an auxiliary of riders between sixteen and eighteen years of age who must own their wheels, and will enjoy all privileges of the club except the right to vote. The initiation fee has been reduced for thirty days in order to secure a larger membership.

If any rider is belated with a punctured tire or broken machine out Piedmont way, he will find the employees of the cable road most obliging.


The San Jose Road Club has secured the entries of the majority of the best riders in the Metropolitan District for the race meeting on the cement track in San Jose to-day. Following are the entries and handicaps for the different events:

One mile, novice - G. W. Bell, S. J. R. C.; J. M. Welsh, S. J. R. C.; J. J. Carroll, S. J. R. C.; George Armstrong, Alameda Cyclers; E. Malmgren, P. V. W.; R. Hogg, S. J. R, C.; George A. Johnson, Un. C. C. Peppin, S. J. R. C.; George D. Seig, Un.; M. F. Ashworth, Un.: T. E. Belloli, S. J. R. C.; C. A. Covalt, R. C. W.; R. K. Belden, U. C.; A. H. Agnew, Acme: R. W. Marcus, Un.; W. T. Blakely, R. C. W.; G. R. Hardenbrook, S. J. R. C.; V. A. Benson, S. J. R. C.; T. T. Kell, A. C. C. R.; Sherman, Un.; R. Pinto, Un. A. Berryessa, S. J. R. C.; W. W. Harris, S. J. R. C.; J. W. Pembroke, Un.

One mile, scratch, Class A - B. E. Clark, G. C. C.; R. Moody, G. C. C.; S. B. Vincent, B. C. W.; E. Malmgren, P. V. W.; C. M. Smith, G. C. C.; F A. McFarland, S. J. R. C.; T. E. Belloli, S. J. R. C.; C. R. Griffiths, R. C. W.; A. M. Boyden, R. C. W.; P. R. Mott, Acme; C. D. Bates Jr., R. A. C.; O. B. Smith, G. C. C.; G. R. Hardenbrook, S. J. R. C.; G. Navlet, S. J. R. C.; H. F. Terrill, B. C. W.; P. W. Metcalf, I. C. C.; W. W. Harris, S. J. R. C.; J. H. Duckmann, R. A. C.

Two-mile handicap, Class B - Casey Castleman and W. A. Burke, Acme, W. F. Foster, O. C. W., and C. S. Wells, B. C. W., scratch; R. L. Long, O. C. W., 150 yards; T. Delmas, G. C. C., and H. C. Smith, G. C. C., 180; R. Cushing, G. C. C., and J. Smith, G. C. C., 200, and A. C. Pillsbury, P. A. W., 20.

Two-mile handicap, Class A - H. F. Terrill, B. C. W., scratch; R. Moody, G. C. C., and F. McFarland, S. J. R. C., 75 yards; S. B. Vincent, B. C. W.. T. E. Belloli, S. J. R. C., P. R. Mott, Acme, G. R. Hardenbrook, S. J. R. C., G. Navlet, S. J. R. C., 125; R. Hogg. S. J. R. C., O. B. Smith, G. C. C., P. W. Metcalf, I. C. C., and W. W. Harris, S. J. R. C. 150; G. Armstrong, A. C., 160; O. R. Griffiths, R. A. C., 170; C. M. Smith, G. C. C. 175; B. E. Clark, G. C. C., M. F. Ashworth, UA., V. A. Benson, S. J. R. C., 190; G. W. Bell, S. J. R. C., C. C. Peppin, S. J. R. C., C. A. Covalt, R. C. W., M. Quinby, A. C. C., E. Malmgren, P. V. W., W. L. Thompson, B. C. W., R. Sherman, Un.. 200; J. J. Carroll, S. J. R. C., A. Berryessa, S. J. R. C., M. J. O'Brien, S. J. R. C., 225; J. M. Welsh, S. J. R. C., G. A. Johnson, Un., A. M. Boyden, R. C. W., R. K. Belden, U. C., R. W. Marcus, Un., 250.


The Class B races are very open and from the close finishes between Wells and Foster at Central Park should prove exciting.

Neither Burke nor Castleman rode in anything like their form at the Fabiola meet, but lack of familiarity with the track may be responsible for their slowness. They are at home on the big track at San Jose and will ride nearer their true form.

R. L. Long, on Decoration Day, seemed afraid to use all his strength.

Tony Delmas rode much better than at any previous meet this year and seems to have a good chance in the two-mile race.

The mile scratch, class A, seems a certainty for Terrill, but there will be a lot of riders fighting for place just behind him with such competitors as McFarland, Bates, Dieckmann, Moody, Smith and Vincent.

Chairman R. M. Welch has issued the following bulletin of racing information:

Sanctions granted - May 30th, Santa Barbara Wheelmen, Santa Barbara; May 30th, Redlands Cycling Club, Redlands: May 30th, Coronado Track Association, San Diego.

Transferred to Class B. - George L. Hall of San Francisco for competing with B men at Oakland, May 22nd; W. E. McCrary of San Bernardino for competing with B men at San Bernardino, May 22nd.

Suspended - A. W. Cleaver of Los Angeles from all racing pending investigation of charges of professionalism.

The attention of racing men is called to the new rule of the National Racing Board requiring a deposit of $1 in all appeals from the decision of a referee, to be forfeited if the decision is sustained, otherwise to be returned.

Captain Argenti seems determined to give the members of the Camera Club Cyclists all the opportunities possible to practice photographing, as he has arranged a run through the Park and about the Presidio for to-day and to-morrow. The cyclists go down the road to Haywards on one of the cherry runs, for which that district is noted.


Acting Captain Abe Bearwald has called a run of the Crescent Road Club to Niles canyon on Sunday, leaving the club rooms at 7:30 A. M. and taking the 8 o'clock broad gauge boat. The club has elected to membership W. Peebles, H. Gunderson, J. Alexander and M. Jacobson.

Captain Meyer of the Liberty Cycling Club has arranged a century run to San Jose and return for to-morrow, starting at 6 o'clock. The club's picnic on Decoration Day proved an enjoyable affair. Recently additions to the club have been F. Fanning, J. Quartz and William Schnentenhaus.

W. W. Needham, prominent in San Jose cycling for many years, is now located in this city with the Olympic Club.

Captain Lynngreen of the Verein Eintracht has arranged a run to Santa Cruz for to-day, while other members of the club will ride to Uncle Tom's Cabin, under command of Lieutenant Peterson.

The California Associated Cycling Clubs's regular meeting will be held in the rooms of the Reliance Club at Oakland to-night.

The joint run of the Associated Cycling Clubs to Niles Canyon has been postponed to June 16th, as the grounds have been secured by others for the original date selected. The Captains have been requested to forward a list of the riders who will attend to Chairman Burke, in order that sufficient preparations may be made.

To-morrow the Bay City Wheelmen and Acme Club Wheelmen have a joint club run to Camp Taylor over the route illustrated in the EXAMINER last Saturday. It is expected that fully 100 riders will participate.